Archival inkjet on printable inkjet fabric, resin, spray paint, and used fan
21'' (H) x 16'' (W) x 20'' (D)

Through photography, sculpture, and site-specific installations, I investigate the way identity is constructed and reassembled during the process of socialization. I believe that no one is immune to the influences of their surrounding environments such as close social groups or intangible superstructure. By using my experience as a starting point, the interconnectednesses, negotiation, and power dynamics that exist between the individual and society are analyzed.

One of my focuses is the relationship between an individual and this capitalist society we are living in. I am interested in exploring the ways by which capitalist system works and tangles with other institutional structures. The processes not only shape our community as a whole but also affects each of us as an individual in our daily life. In my recent work “Hot Mess,” the effects of the top of the pyramid dominates the majority of socioeconomic resources are discussed. The economic inequality forces the middle class has to work for wages in an unsustainable way. Although we all considered ourselves as free men, who have the freedom to choose. It is just a feel-good illusion. Free will is an illusion.