Family Portrait

Earthenware and archival inkjet on printable fabric
17'' (H) x 13'' (W) x 14'' (D)

“Family Portrait” is inspired by Louis Pierre Althusser’s idea on the family as a primary ideological state apparatus and my personal experience. Based on his theory, in order for an institution to control its people, it can work through physical violence such as military force but it can also be achieved by making its people treat certain ideas as beliefs through education, media, or small intimate personal groups such as church or family.

In this work, I removed my eyes from my headshot and layered them inside of a monster shaped television with my parents’ headshots block the two ends to convey the idea that I can’t see the world or myself clearly. I have to see through my parents’ eyes which are also influenced by the public opinion. Under the influence of our society, our actions are performances and we are puppets. This work is also one of the examples of the possibility of mixed-media work between ceramics and photography.