Yulia Makeyeva is a multidisciplinary artist and founder of Connect With Art. She grew up in Russia and is now based in Jersey, Channel Islands. Yulia turned her full attention to art practice in 2019. Her Linguistics and Art History background and interest in anthropology are firmly rooted in her art practice. Being interested in concepts of memory and time, language and non-verbal communication, boundaries and borders, she works on multiple projects simultaneously, drawing inspiration from public and private archives.

Yulia’s work received immense ...


Bethan Watkins is a Jersey Channel Islands based artist. Her abstract oil and acrylic painting is focusing on nature and it's many forms.

Kacy (K): Hi Bethan, thank you so much for having me in your studio! I think I will start the interview with what’s your name, what you are currently working on and what your art is trying to say or trying to achieve.

Bethan Watkins (B): My name is Bethan Watkins and my art is mainly painting and poetry. Painting, I’ve been doing for a long time, since I was at school, but ...


Born in New Delhi in 1968, Chandrika Marla worked as a fashion designer for several years before she began a career in art. She moved to the United States in 1998 and is currently a resident artist at Cubberley Studios in Palo Alto, California. Her work has been exhibited at The de Young Museum (California), Queens Museum of Art (New York), Museum of the Shenandoah Valley (Virginia), and the Rockford Art Museum (Illinois). At a performance in Chicago in 2011, her paintings were interpreted by Rama Vaidyanathan – a leading exponent of Bharatanatyam dance.

Marla is best known for ...


Guy Campbell currently lives and works in San Francisco. Since 2019 he has managed a small, community-based gallery (Anälog gallery) in San Francisco’s MIssion District. He also produces assemblage artworks, shoots experimental photography, produces, and edits short videos. Several of his video works are in SFmoma’s website and/or archives. Formally, he worked at SFmoma as a photographer and digital media specialist.

Guy has a digital media degree from UC Berkeley, where as a student, he worked his way through the university graduating in 2006 with a major in Digital Media Theory. He has ...


Courtney Griffith is a San Francisco based artist originally from San Diego, California. She studied painting at Santa Clara University, California and Syracuse University at Florence, Italy. In addition to a degree in fine arts, she also has a degree in mathematics. Many see the two fields of study as opposite, but she sees them as similar in a sense that they both deal with abstract thinking.

Griffith is primarily interested in exploring the concept of ephemerality. through images of decomposition and the use of natural dyes, handmade ...

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