Archival inkjet print
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Through photography and mixed media sculpture, I investigate the way identity is constructed and reassembled during the process of socialization. I believe that no one is immune to the influences of their surrounding environments. Much of my research is focused on the negotiation, interconnectednesses, and power dynamics that exist between the individual and society. 

As an Asian diaspora living in the United States, the conflicts and struggles caused by living in between Eastern and Western cultures raised some fundamental questions: What factors could I identify myself? What are the battles of the reformation of my new identity? How does the new culture merge with the traditional one? The technique to manipulate image digitally and inkjet print on the transparent fabric is used in my work “Free Will Is an Illusion” to investigate these questions visually. In this work, I use photoshop to remove my eyes and wear a top with colors of blue, red, white to metamorphically representing the uncomfortable new identity after I move to the USA. I printed in on chiffon and covered it on top of myself and re-photograph it. The choice of fabric not only highlight the idea of social fabrication but also emphasize the fluidity of identity. Although it may only show a simple surface outside most of the time, there are complex and interdependent interactions inside. Using my experience as a starting point, I am analyzing and untangling the grace and struggles of different influences have been put upon on Asian immigrants like me.