Our Future

Archival inkjet print
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Our modern society is a conglomerate of progression and retardation. On the one hand, technology avails us of a promising future and modern solutions to our problems – new medicine to combat the myriad human diseases and to increase life expectancy. Artificial intelligence and advance machinery automate and relieve the burden of human labor.
However, on the other hand, capitalism, neoliberalism, democracy and recent global trends have reshaped and birthed prosperous markets which sometimes transcend our society’s ability to grasp. Environmental problems such as global warming and unpredictable climatic changes are a result of not paying attention the threats posed by global warming. Our media is awash with mass shootings not to mention wars, conflicts, starvation, famine and other crises.

Each of our actions produces direct results that shape our world. Making things better is in our hands. Whether we consciously or unconsciously keep ignoring all these issues and refuse to appreciate what we have, we are not only denying ourselves of our future, we are also endangering generations yet to be born. Let’s act right.