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Kacy Jung is a Taiwanese visual artist working with photography, photo-sculpture, and site-specific installation based in San Francisco. Before she began her journey in art at San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI), she was halfway through a Ph.D. program in biomedical science when she decided to walk out of the laboratory to pursue her lifetime dream.

Kacy's works have been shown/awarded internationally. She is the acceptant of the Harlan Jackson Diversity Scholarship and Headlands Affiliate Artist Program. Her works have been shown at The Untitled Space Gallery in New York, Hastings College in Nebraska, Berkeley Art Museum in California, and multiple galleries in the USA and Taiwan. She is currently participating in a year-long Studio Artist Program at Root Division Gallery in San Francisco, CA, USA.


Through photography and mixed-media sculpture, I investigate the way identity is constructed and reassembled during the process of socialization. Much of my work concerns the way identity is constructed and reassembled during the process of socialization in our capitalism society.

The old promise of hard-working job fails to grant a secure nor fulfilling life. Against the backdrop of the socio-economic inequality, people are enslaved by a profit-driven society. Digital photography, mesh-like printable fabric, resin, and a grotesque look are employed in my work to represent the idea of the social fabric. I want to use my works to document the downside of specialization and alienation on a personal level.